SMM Services India

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining more traffic on a business website with the use of Social media platforms. With the power of networking on the social media and relevant, engaging content, it can be used as an effective tool for marketing any product or service online.

At I Lead Guru, we provide services for various Social media platforms that best suit your marketing needs

  • Facebook Marketing - With around 1.3 billion active Facebook users, it is the most widely used social media tool. We provide customized marketing services using Facebook. Updating regular and relevant content, images and videos on Facebook can help increase engagement.

  • Twitter Marketing - Micro-blogging website, Twitter can be used for marketing with the help of effective tweets, sharing useful information, relevant images and links.

  • Google+ Marketing - Being the second largest social media website, Google+ is the best new social marketing platform. With perfectly created profile, regular posting of promotional, entertaining content can very well help promote a business online.

  • LinkedIn Marketing - This social networking website for service professionals is great way to market products. Working on the basis of unique content, this website can be highly effective for lead generation.

  • YouTube Marketing - The largest video site can be effectively used for marketing. Updating promotional, entertaining and informative videos about your product can help increase likes on the subscription page.

  • Pinterest Marketing - This image collection website helps you make a pin boards as per interests. Videos and images of maximum impact have great capacity to be pinned by users leading to higher interactions. Creating boards about topics of user interests and many boards with various pins and up-to-date with the latest trends can helps boost a product’s sales.

  • StumbleUpon Marketing - Amazing and interesting content, customized as per the viewer’s interests can be great tool for digital marketing. It caters to the specific needs of the people who are interested in your business or product.

  • Digg Marketing - With specifically written content according to your business’s needs and products, Digg can be effectively used for marketing a business or a product idea. The same content can be shared on the Facebook and twitter as well adding to the viewership of your content information.

  • Delicious Marketing - This is a social bookmarking website. Bookmarking and saving content to be used for future helps the content to remain in the reader’s to- be -read list and is available for any future reference.

  • MySpace Marketing - This large social networking website can be effectively used by writing blogs about the company and its products and sharing the same with friends to spread the word about the business.

Content our Social Media Marketing specialists at I Lead Guru and enhance your online visibility.