Apple Planning to Launch Google Street View

Google Street View is considered as the dramatic and the most useful feature of Google Maps that plays a vital role in differentiating it with the competitors like Bing Maps and Nokia Maps. Google’s feature of Street View uses a patchwork of images that is taken by car mounted cameras so as to show streets. Google has sent several cars around the world in order to get the images needed for this feature. However, now it is seen that Apple is looking forward to create its own version of Street View.

Apple is driving vehicles around the world in order to collect data that can be used so as to improve Apple Maps and some of this data will be seen in future Apple Maps updates and while collecting this data, privacy will be protected.

As per the “Driving Locations” schedule for Apple’s cars, the company will take photographs of Paris, London and New York between January 4th and February 14th. It is said that since its inception, Apple Maps has improved to a large extent. It is all about mapping data accuracy as well as navigation, whereas imagery is secondary.